Shipbrokers & WebServices

celShip is based in Oslo and are the registerd owners of the bagSide registered trademark. We provide:

  • Ship-broking services within the S&P market.
  • Webdesign and development .
  • Concluded projects for reputable companies world-wide.
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Call us today on: +47 67079848 or +47 93499395


  • Any type, Dry, Tank, RoRo, Containerships.....
  • Any size and price-range.
  • Well established network of contacts.
  • Transactions on a private and confidential basis.
  • Concluded sales of vessels for reputable companies world-wide.

Webdesign and are the vehicles for our webdesign activities. bagSide is a Norwegian registered trademark. bagSide has designed and developed websites for many reputable companies as well as powered the sites through dedicated or shared servers.

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» Website registration
» Digital design
» Redesign
» WordPress
» Simple-CMS
» Validation
» Optimalization

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